First Day of Spring!

First Day of Spring!

I hope I’m not jumping into spring to fast with this look but who cares! When you live in NY and you get a nice day of weather we take advantage after having such a tough winter!

1. White Mens T-Shirt: New Yorker $7
2. Aldo Shoes: Hamblet $120 (Last Season) You can wear any cute floral or neon shoes you have these are just one of my favorites!
3. H&M Faux Leather Skirt Overalls $7 (super sale)
4. Scarf:
5. Neon Cosmetic Bag: $27. This is the perfect size for anything you may need to carry not just makeup! Love, Love, Love, this bag.
6. H&M accessories! These were all on sale for I think $1 total! You can stack whatever accessories you like! Next time I’m gonna add in a watch! That’s what I was missing all day!
My Fragrance of the day was The Body Shop Shea Mist! This to me smells light and fresh and just like spring!

Hope your day is going well and the sun is shining bright!



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