Birchbox and Marcelle Cosmetics Event


I was recently chosen to be one of only 20 bloggers to attend a Birchbox event! I was so excited; not to mention that same day my eldest brother was getting married and I was to do the makeup for his blushing bride! A day where I felt so in tuned with my cosmetic gifts. The event took place at the Birchbox Flag ship store in NYC, which to me was just that much more exciting. This event was to be hosted by Marcelle Cosmetics and to be honest upon hearing who the host was I happy to see a cosmetics line that I’m not super familiar with so I can have all eyes and ears on everything provided for us to learn.

We were greeted by a bubbly staff and a spotless venue. This store seemed so cool to me. Caught in a whirlwind of so much excitement of a two floor store and so many products my eyes couldn’t stop bouncing from section to section. The live makeup demonstration was held on the bottom floor with a live demonstration of a makeup artist going to work on her model’s face.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, there was a chemist that later on in our stay was available for us to whip us up our own custom lip glosses! The chemist gave each participating blogger the option of creating our own little piece of Birchbox heaven. I was able to choose the shade of the gloss, the finish, if I wanted to add sparkles or not, make it super opaque or very clear; literally make the whole thing from scratch. We were given a checklist for the items we wanted to add into our work of art; hand the paper over to the chemist and he made our dream lippie come true! This can be classified as one of the best experiences everrrrr.

I am very humbled and appreciative that I was given this opportunity to partake in this experience. I’m only looking forward to more, but for now this was one thing checked off the bucket list of greatness.


Check out Marcelle Cosmetics here!



IMG_3764 IMG_3754



IMG_3728 IMG_3752 IMG_3717

IMG_3705 IMG_3701


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