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What a great get-away in the middle of crazy Fashion Week New York! Rituals Cosmetics is such a stylish, zen environment, so when I was invited to cover the bloggers event they were having I was more then elated to attend. Bloggers events are very interesting and important way of getting to know different brands, products, and the people behind them. What started off to be such a crazy traffic filled morning was overshadowed with a new outlook on life. What can you do in your day to take time out and make a new ritual so you can stop and “smell the roses.” There are so many things that we have to do for our jobs, our family and friends, that we forget to take a second and take care of yourself.

Taking an overview tour of the store was wonderful, the manager that showed my group around was Kristina and she knew her stuff. She was open to showing how the product works on the skin with a nice hand massage demonstration. Such a plus! I told her I go to the gym often and my hands were starting to get rough, and also that I want to take care of the wrinkles before they take care of me, and she knew they exact products to show and tell. What a great, uplifting, and zen  time-out from the rest of the world this store visit was.

trial sink

anti wrinkle anti aging

They also have a mens section of the store which I thought was great. I couldn’t leave the store without picking something out for my husband. They had a sample pack of cologne, and a hand lotion I thought he would enjoy and just decided to grab those as well.

mens section

Each section of the store was something different, each scent had a story behind it. Laughing Buddha has great citrus notes in it that is uplifting and has positive energy, whereas Ayurveda brings out inner harmony and natural beauty. Links for each scent will be listing down below.

orange and red body circle table products center table art of relaxing

My personal favorite collection from them comes from the Tao collection. “Tao is an ancient Chinese philosophy centred on achieving perfect balance between Yin and Yang. Yin represents your inner world, while Yang represents external influences. Focusing on enriching Yin, our Tao collection blends calming White Lotus, refreshing Chinese Mint, and soothing Green Tea to help you to feel balanced in your busy life.” After hearing  the background story I knew that was something that I needed to take home with me. I seek balance on a day to day and seeing as though I was in a store named Rituals I made as promise to myself to take at least twenty minutes a day to focus on myself and take time to me, i.e. it be taking a hot shower to clear my mind, meditation, yoga or even reading a book, I want to take the time to enrich my life and soul so I can be a better person in my everyday.

cherry blossom

Rituals was generous enough to give a goodie bag for myself and one of you guys, all you have to do is comment below telling me what your new daily ritual will be and the winner will be chosen at random just to make it fair. Contest will end 10/30/14. Good Luck and happy Rituals!

rituals cosmetics

rituals cart



Laughing Buddha




Visit there NYC Store!

Columbus Avenue New York

420 Columbus Avenue
New York, New York 10024
United States of America


2 thoughts on “Rituals

  1. My rituals include wake up, brush teeth, take a 30 minute walk to clear my head and then get dressed then head to school!

  2. Come to think about it, I have a lot of rituals. My most important to me is when I awake in the morings I lay in bed and just pray. Thats my moment with God. I then go to my bible app and read the verse for the day. That helps me to start my day off with God and ask him to lead the way all day. Whatever comes that day I am equipped to handle.

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