Colour Pop Cosmetics

So we all know this is no longer a dark kept secret… I am a MAKE UP junkie… and that is ok!!! Something about placing an order and waiting patiently at the door for its arrival… no other feeling like it! So let me tell you about my latest order yet, Colour Pop. I heard a lot about them on YouTube and then also to follow Instagram. When I would check on my Pop page on Instagram, this brand was everywhere. Now, I must say I let curiosity get the best of me and made a massive order but, not before I made a conscious effort to check what the brand stands for, and if they test on animals. This has become more important in my life seeing as though I would want someone testing products on my dog Cuba! So in all my efforts I saw that they don’t test on animals and that the majority of the products that they do sell are VEGAN! What a plus, so I wasted no time in stalking all the products and finally making my long-awaited order on these great products.

When the items came in the mail I was so excited but didn’t have the proper time to look at all the things I received because as the package arrived I was on my way out the door. The horror in the anticipation almost killed me. Upon opening the package I was excited to see that the brand was everything that I hoped it would be and more, the detail in the packaging and the little note inside made my day. The Lippie Sticks are really pigmented and the super shock eyeshadow live up to the name. When I opened the containers to swatch them I didn’t know what to do with myself or, how to explain exactly what was going on. The texture of the items, is something that I have never felt before. The best way to describe it is… a smooth and fluffy eyeshadow with a slight cold feeling to it almost like it is damp. Just be careful you can stick you nail through the shadow, like I did.

So I know let’s get on with it. Here is all I ordered:


Super Shock Shadows: In these you get .07 oz of product and remember to close the lid tight so they don’t lose that texture that makes them so unique! These are said best to apply with fingers or with a flat synthetic brush. I’ll just you my top 3 faves of what I ordered!

IMG_6274This color is called Dare (Metallic) and I can best describe it as a beautiful shimmering purple that seems to have pink and a violet color in it.


This color is LA LA and is an ultra metallic with rose gold touch to it! This color for me was a must have. Trust me you will love it!


This shade is called Mooning and it is a beautiful dark bronze color with bits of glitter in it.  

IMG_6254Super Shock Cheek: These products yield .15 oz of product and have the same texture as the shadows. Best applied with finger tips but if you’re wanting to use a brush a flat synthetic will work well!


This color is called Rain (matte). Now I know your thinking a purple blush?  I was thinking the same thing as you, but when I swatched it, instantly became a favorite of mine. Something subtle, but you can mix it with other colors as well. This is a lovely lavender color and I’m so excited to add it to the collection!

IMG_6262This blush color is called Quarters and is said to be a dusty coral color but on me it reads a little more like a cinnamon. Something with a brown undertone to it and I love it. This is a great color for those steamy summer nights.

IMG_6263This color is called Swift, this is a deep warm brown color that when swatched on myself reads a little more like a rust color. Even with that said I love the color. This is another color that will add to the look of any summer night makeup look. Makes you look as though you took a tan that day!

IMG_6320Lippie Stick colors from Left to Right: Creature is a deep burgundy red and Cookie is nude beige color that has a pretty matte finish to it.


Lippie Stick Colors from Left to Right: Flawless is a deep violet color with a hint of red, Tootsi, is the best-selling nude on and I can tell why it is! A stunning beige nude color. Then there is Leather, a true deep purple color that will be fun for the fall, heck even now!IMG_6313Lippie Stick Colors from Left to Right:  Lady, is a cool tone burgundy color.  Ellarie, is a deep cranberry color with a matte finish and  Dalia is described to be a deep warm burgundy color that can give any look that sultry finish. As you can tell you don’t need all the colors that I have here because they all are pretty similar but I wanted to try them all see what color would be my favorite. 

Lippie Stick colors from Left to Right: Brink, a warm and dusty taupe color. This was said to be the Kylie Jenner lip color if you were looking for that. I wasn’t, I was just attracted to the way I thought it would look on me. Bichettte, is said to be a deep red wine color, and might just be the red I have been looking for all this time. With one swipe the color pay off is excellent. Next color is Yasmin. Out of the bunch Yasmin this is the stand out color. Super pigmented and so bright! This is going to be a great spring and summer color, the site describes it as an electric coral and I agree.

IMG_6287This was my bonus treat to myself… not like all the rest wasn’t! Haha! I was intrigued by the packaging of this one. You know that black and white is the way to my heart! This is a collab between Minx Society and Colour Pop. A set of four colors that will make any look come together. Minx Society is a website that gives you all the latest news and things that are on the “radar”. This is a cool set of colors seeing as though there is a black (Roulette), white (Girly), Champagne (Get Lucky) and a Bronze (On the Rocks).

IMG_6291IMG_6290IMG_6289IMG_6293Please if you have any Colour Pop items that you are loving let me know! I would love to hear what your latest color obsession is!

If you want you see swatches of these colors check out my Colour Pop Unboxing Haul on YouTube!


All items that were purchased:

Lippies: Tootsi, Lady, Cookie, Brink, Yasmin, Bichette, Ellarie, Flawless, Leather, Dalia, and Creature.

Blush: Rain, Quarters, and Swift.

Eyeshadow: Truth, I Heart This, Sequin, Game Face, Mooning, So Quiche, Dare and La La and the Minx Society eyeshadow collab (Roulette, Girly, Get Luck and On the Rocks).


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