Let’s Play a little Catch up

So many things have gone on in the past months, and it seems only right to play a little catch up. My life has changed in such a cool way that I’m so excited to share these new milestones with everyone. I have a son now! I’m a MOM! How cool right?!? I’m doing things that I never thought I would and loving it. I would like to do articles on all that I have gone through with pregnancy, giving birth and now being a mother. I took many notes over the past several months to make sure I’m not missing anything and if you like you can head on over to see some of the YouTube videos I did while I was away from my blog, that’s a great way to play catch up. So stay tuned for the next batch of blogs to come, and cheers to all these new beginnings! Remember to be blessed, well dressed and not stressed!



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