Grove Collaborative Unboxing | Sherelle McFadgen

Grove Collaborative Unboxing


I wanted to share my thoughts on the Grove Collaborative site that offers subscription service for household and personal care items. I want to say this is my… third box from them and I really like it so far. It allows the ease of not having to find all these items in store and having to read all the labels while standing in the crowded aisles.

Sometimes trying to lead a cruelty free, non toxic, lifestyle is hard. This site with a few others has made my 4 year lifestyle change a lot easier. I hope you find this helpful and let me know if you have tried out Grove Collaborative!

Here is a referral code that you can use to get a 5-Piece Gift Set

All thoughts and opinions are my own. All these items I am sharing I have paid for with my money.

Thanks for watching!



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