5 Fashion Tips to start your week off right

Many of us struggle to get out of the house in a timely fashion during the week. Late nights and early mornings can have you looking crazy running to your meeting with wrinkled clothing that doesn’t match.

Here are some tips that can help you look your best without even breaking a sweat.

fashion 2

Designate a laundry day. This is the day that you will wash, fold, put away and iron all of your clothing for the week. This helps to make sure that if you feel a little bloated in the morning, something just isn’t working or looking right on you, or you spill something on yourself, you already have clothing that is clean, ironed and ready to go.

Pick out and organize outfits for the week. Doing so will take the guessing game out of what you want to wear in the morning. If you already know how things look and feel on, you can just match everything off and go, if not, try everything on and take pictures if you have to, as a reminder. Also give yourself an extra outfit or two just incase something really isn’t working, you have a quick pulled together outfit for getting out the door in a hurry.

Hang your accessories with your outfit. You can label little bags and place it on the hanger that matches that days outfit. This will help make sure you get to use all of your jewelry that you have. A lot of the time we forget what we have so to ensure more use, organize and hang with your clothing for the week.

Put your shoes near the door the night before. This is very helpful if you commute and switch your shoes out when you get to the office. You can put your shoes in a bag and leave them near the door for a quick grab and go. Also stacking your shoes under the organized clothing for the week can also help with moving in a hurry.

Designate a sweater that you can use throughout the week. Always make sure that you have a cover up for those days that we get surprise rain showers, or the air in the office is too high, surprise date night with your love… whatever it is, you always have something to throw over your shoulders to keep you warm. You can also leave a blazer or cardigan at your work place so you always have something on hand.

If you have any other tips or tricks that you find helpful and get you through your week share them down below! 


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